Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween ~

We are getting an early start on Halloween today. Jennifer gets to dress up for work and any chance she gets to wear something other than "pizza clothes" she will take it. So here she is ready to go make Jack-o-lantern pizzas at Papa Murphy's today.

She did take the "pizza shoes" because I don't think she could work all day in these.
It is fun to have a dog that likes to play dress up. Cassidy did not! But Candie is pretty patient with being a little witch. She is learning how to sit and pose. Yes, we have been through a lot of bacon treats.
Tonight I will get pictures of Kristine in her Bee costume before her party and then we are off to Michelle and Alex's to baby sit Kymber during their family costume party. The little kids party is early and then the grandkids go to baby sitters and the adults get to party. It is still up in the air as to who will be Fred and who will be Wilma. Guess you'll have to wait for pictures tomorrow to find out.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kymber loves Cupcakes ~

Look at this goofy girl. She loved the cupcakes, but didn't want to touch them with her hands. I guess it is ok to have a messy face, but messy hands, no way. She was happy to sit on my lap and let me hold the cupcake up for her to eat.
Here is another cute picture of her and Grandpa. She is such a sweetheart.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's a Birthday Party ~

We had so much fun with our family all together tonight. Tuesday is Brad's birthday and we were able to get all of us together for Sunday dinner, cake, pumpkin carving and playing games. Kymber finished her bowl of potatoes and then went around the table borrowing spoons to help the rest of us finish dinner. This little girl is the center of attention when we get together. She is so much fun. Brad brought a friend from school so we had a big group. Here are a few pictures:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Puppy Pictures ~

Yes, I have more pictures of the dogs today. Come December I will have lots of cute baby pictures, but for now, the dogs are taking center stage. We took "the girls" to the mountains yesterday for a bike ride. They loved the drive up, heads out the windows with ears and cheeks flapping in the wind. Lots of fun. After we dropped Rod off we went and took an hour long hike. I kept both of them on leashes this week. There were pit bulls in the first parking lot. Cassidy jumped out the window of the TrailBlazer to go get them. But Rod stopped her before she got too far. Further down the road they were herding cattle, and since it was such a beauatiful day, there were a lot of motor bikers. I didn't want to have one of them running off and getting lost. So here is the view I had for most of the hike. They did really well and had a great time. When we were at the pick up spot after our hike, there was a Blue Jay that was chattering at the the dogs. They were looking so hard trying to find it and couldn't do anything but howl at it. When Rod got back "the girls" started howling at him. Cassidy knew who it was but Candie just thought it was a stranger. Once he took off his bike helmet she recognized him and was glad to see him. I hope the weather stays nice and we can get another day at the mountains.
Candie got to meet the rest of the family on Friday night. Kymber was over whelmed when she first got here and they were both wanting to see her, but after she had been here awhile she knew how to handle them. When they try to give her "kisses" she just brushes them away and then will sit down to pet them. It took Candie a while to warm up to Brad, but after a few bacon treats he was her friend and she slept on his lap while we watched a movie. Michelle isn't the biggest dog fan, but says it's hard to be mean to Candie because she is so sweet.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two days later ~

Well, we have had little Candie for just two days and look what I found this afternoon. It looks like Cassidy likes her new friend. When the girls got home from school today Candie came to welcome them with her bass howl. They should sound good together, because Cassidy has more of a tenor howl. I took them to run errands with me this morning. They loved it. Cassidy got the front window seat and Candie stood on the back seat with her paws on the middle arm rest. She would just stand there and look out the window or lay her head on my shoulder as I was driving. I remember our old Basset Hound Sundance laying his head on my Dad's shoulder when he would get to go for a ride with us in the old Buick. Fun memories.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another cute picture ~

Just look at that face. Isn't she a sweetie? Well, she did really well last night. I think she ended up on the bed with Kristine, but when they came downstairs this morning, Candie and Cassidy acted like old friends. They chased each other around the backyard all morning. So far Cassidy has taught Candie how to get a drink out of the pond and Candie taught Cassidy how to drink water out of a bowl. Yeah, Cassidy didn't know that you could do that. She has warmed up to Rod all ready. And Kristine and McKayla took them both out for a walk after school. Not that they needed any more exercise after all of their running around, but I think Candie might be able to teach Cassidy a few things about going for a walk too.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here she is ~

Here is another picture of little Candie. She went in and helped Kristine with her homework. She has always wanted a puppy to curl up by her while she is in her room.

Kristine has made her a bed on the floor for tonight. We'll see in the morning who ends up where.

Look what we've got! ~

Look at this sweet thing! Her name is Candie, and she is moving in with us. We went to look at her tonight after everyone got here from school and work and we just had to get her. She loved the ride home sitting on the girls laps and looking out the window. Tomorrow we will try for a shot of her sweet face, but for now this will have to do. DeeDee has been running around the backyard showing her the trails and shortcuts. You'll have to stop by tomorrow night and see more pictures. I've got the camera battery charging now so it will be ready.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Fun Day ~

No, these aren't pictures of today. Today is cold and foggy. It is a good day to stay inside and do laundry and get to work on fun projects in my craft room. I've got a new grand baby coming soon, so there is plenty to work on. But enough of that, back to the pictures. These are from our last good day at the mountains.

You can see how beautiful it was. DeeDee and I started hiking and after just about 10 minutes it started raining. I am a fair weather hiker, so we turned around and went back to the TrailBlazer until it quit. So we got our 20 minute hike in. DeeDee chased off after some ATVers and ran with them for a while until they came back by and stopped so I could grab her and they could ride with out a crazy Basset Hound running and howling after them. She loved it.