Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another cute picture ~

Just look at that face. Isn't she a sweetie? Well, she did really well last night. I think she ended up on the bed with Kristine, but when they came downstairs this morning, Candie and Cassidy acted like old friends. They chased each other around the backyard all morning. So far Cassidy has taught Candie how to get a drink out of the pond and Candie taught Cassidy how to drink water out of a bowl. Yeah, Cassidy didn't know that you could do that. She has warmed up to Rod all ready. And Kristine and McKayla took them both out for a walk after school. Not that they needed any more exercise after all of their running around, but I think Candie might be able to teach Cassidy a few things about going for a walk too.

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