Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My grandkids ~

Wow, yesterday was a fun and very full day. I got to spend one on one time with each of my little grandkids (also known as babysitting). First came Kaden. He enjoyed sitting in the bouncy chair, drinking his bottle and looking at Gus.

Gus liked looking at Kaden too, but got bored with that and just ended up laying down by his bouncy chair.
I think Gus will really have fun with Kaden when he grows up a little bit more.

Michelle came to town and I got to watch Kymber while her and Jennifer went shopping with the other kids. They had Michelle's amazing double stroller with Sydni and Kaden and I had time with Kymber. She is such a fun little girl, and she loves to talk, and she loves flowers, and she loves to play games, and she loves Gus. Here are a few pictures of our afternoon.
The pictures aren't the best, I had my iphone camera and funny lighting, but it was so much fun watching these two just totally enjoy being together. She loved feeding him his dinner, and evidently Gus has no food aggression whatsoever. This is a trait that can be passed down, so his puppies should be just like him.
At about 8:30, Michelle picked up Kristine from Mutual and they went to do a shopping errand. It was  time to play with Sydni.  By that time the clothes were off and she was just running around in her diaper. She is a busy little girl, so basically I just ran after her, trying to keep her from getting into trouble. She is so smart and understands a lot and can say a lot of words too so it was fun to spend time with her. Isn't she a cutie.  I love her  big brown eyes.  None of my kids have brown eyes, and she is the only one of the grandkids (so far) that does. It looks like she might be getting her mom's curly hair too.
My girls are both amazing moms, and it is fun to be able to watch these little cuties and give them a little bit of a break. And you know when I watch little grandkids I don't worry about cleaning or laundry or any of those other fun jobs that I usually do, so it works out great for all of us.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gus ~

It's been so long since I've put up pictures of Gus. He has really grown. He is 10 months old now and probably full grown. I caught him being naughty and sleeping up on the couch this morning, so I took a few pictures before I sent him out to the backyard.

More from SU! Convention ~

It was such a treat to get to get to go to the Stampin' Up! Convention this year. Rod and I went together and enjoyed a little vacation from the everyday routine. He enjoyed biking in Park City and the canyons around Salt Lake City while I was at convention during the day. In the evenings we met up for dinner and sightseeing around the city. Here are a few more pictures from Convention.

This is a tote bag we were able to buy. Love it! It matches my craft room and I have it filled with my basic supplies on my desk, so I can just grab it and go crafting. And there is a matching laptop bag that makes a perfect bag for church.
I loved this display of the new Brights Collection of Stampin' Pads. Aren't these colors gorgeous?
This is a picture of me and Becky Roberts. She is a demonstrator from Boise who has a fun, creative blog that I love to read. The orange bag that you see everyone carrying is the bag that each one of us got for attending convention. Yes, I have lots of new bags, but a girl can never have too many cute bags!
One of the new products they introduced this year was fabric that matches the Designer Series Papers. There are two collections. Here are a few of the samples they had on display.
And I had to get a picture of this beautiful necklace that Shelli was wearing in one of the general sessions. It is a Simply Adorned Charm with some of the new additions from the Holiday Mini. Love it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

News from Convention ~

I have had such a great time at the Stampin' Up! Convention so far.  The classes have been amazing. I've decided a motivational speaker can pretty much motivate you to do anything. Not only in a craft centered business, but in life in general. Another fun thing has been all of the ideas I've seen. I'm adding a few pictures of some of these creative ideas so you can see what I mean. (I don't have my good computer, so they aren't edited yet.)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stampin' Up! Convention ~

Hello from Utah!

And if you are new then welcome to my blog. Rod and I are off on a little vacation in SLC. I am going to the Stampin' Up! Convention and he is going Mountain Biking. There are a lot of trails around Salt Lake and up in Park City, so he should be busy enough while I am hanging out with my stampin' friends. I will have my iphone with me to take pictures and add updates, so be sure and check back tomorrow.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Vacation ~

I don't think anything helps to relax and recharge you more than going on vacation and then coming home. We just got back from a little trip to Northern Idaho and did just that. Luckily Jennifer, Trever and Kaden were able to come with us. Jennifer was the trip photographer so I had to wait and get her pictures downloaded to my computer before I could share them. So here you go. I little peek of our trip.
First night stop at the Pizza Factory.
Delicious pizza and rootbeer. Kaden was glad to be out of the car seat. He was a good little traveler.
 At the trailhead of the Hiawatha Bike Trail. An old railroad bed converted to an amazing bike trail. The trail is 15 miles one way and then a shuttle back to the top.
The trail starts off with a 1.6 mile tunnel. (Helmets and bike lights were required.) The shuttle dropped them off at the other side of the long tunnel, so they got to do it twice.
Beautiful mountain views. Jen did a good job with pictures.
I love this picture of Jen and Rod. They have been biking buddies for years.
I'm glad Jen found Trever who enjoys going on family bike trips with us.

Trever makes friends wherever he goes.
Kaden hung out Kristine and I. We took a little walk to the start of the first tunnel and enjoyed the nice cool air at the opening of the tunnel. They say it is about 40' inside. He loved being cooled down and fell right asleep. While Kristine and I were up there taking pictures of mossy rocks, our bikers came out of the tunnel. It was so fun to hear about their ride.

Here is Lake Coeur d'Alene. So beautiful right in the middle of the mountains.
The next day we went to Silverwood Amusement Park.
Here is the fearless crew heading off to conquer the roller coasters. Kaden and I went to buy a refillable sports bottle of ice water, which I refilled many, many times during the day.
Here is my little buddy. Rod and I enjoyed the cool grass under a shady tree with Kaden while Jennifer, Trever and Kristine were at the water park.