Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stampers' Showcase ~

I have to show you a layout I made of Sydni. It is on the Stampin' Up! Demonstrators web site today. Isn't she a cutie!!

Remodel update ~

I've had two requests this morning for picture updates, so here you are. We are moving right along with the kitchen. We have removed the laminate countertop and backsplash. Removed old moulding from doors and windows. We took out the microwave, do you like how I say "we", actually it was Rod and Brad. (The microwave was just good for softening butter and needed to be replaced so it had to go.) And the biggest thing - we have painted the kitchen walls. I love the new color. Here are a few pictures so you can get an idea of what is going on. We have picked a terracotta tile for the countertops and smaller 4 inch tiles for the backsplash, which will go from countertop to under the cupboards and cover up the last bit of the green. We will be getting a really neat range hood too.

We also have replaced the old light in the living room. Yes, the old gold thing is gone. I don't have pictures of the new one yet, but trust me it looks so much better than before. Kristine said we should take the old one to Antiques Road Show. I don't think so, if it really was an antique it would have matched all of my antique tables and would be staying.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kitchen Remodel Step 1 ~

I guess this is the official start of the kitchen remodel project. We took down the cupboards above the bar this morning. Doesn't it really open it up? We are still deciding on final plans, but the list is started. This won't be a done in a couple of weeks job. Not al all. This will be a we hope (and will be really pleased if) it is done by Christmas. I didn't really lose a lot of cupboard space, I just made better use of what space I do have. We will get another cabinet to put on the wall on the right. Since we will be redoing the floor and countertops too, we might switch things around and do an island. Of course I need a pot hanger, because they are just really cool. So keep checking back about once a month for further updates. The row of cupboards that came down, will be moved down to the laundry room to replace the little shaky shelves that are in there now.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Picture Time ~

Look at this sweetheart! She is such a good girl. She had just dried off from having a shower and she knew she looked good. So she was ready to pose for a picture. I have tried getting a picture of both puppies together, but it ends up more of a circus than a photo shoot. I'll keep trying. I'll probably have to wait until my assistant is out of school before I try again. BTW ~ she loved the shower. Not a peep or a yelp or any fuss at all. She just stood there in the water and let me scrub her up and rinse her off. You can't tell from the picture, but she smells really good too.

Color Challenge Card ~

This picture really doesn't show off this card too well, but I love these colors together and it is gorgeous in real life. I used Tangerine Tango, So Saffron, Old Olive and Baja Breeze stamp pads from Stampin' Up! And the stamps are from the Friends 24/7 set.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A couple of cute bags ~

I took a bit of time this morning and made a couple of bags for Valentine's Day. This first one uses a bag template from Papertrey Ink. Pretty cute. I think I will put a little Valentine treat in here for Kymber and Sydni. Sorry Michelle, no peeking!

These next two pictures are of another project that we are doing Feb. 12 with the ladies from Church. They are really simple and quick to do. It should be a lot of fun helping all of the Mom's and Grandma's make their valentines. It has been terrible having candy around to make samples with, because I'm not eating any of it. If I splurge on candy, it will be fancy dark chocolate. And I didn't get any of that for this project. But these pink M&Ms are sure cute!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Double Takes ~

They did it again. About 18 months ago Michelle dyed her hair and ended up looking like Jennifer. This time Jennifer dyed her hair and now we have two Michelle's. Jen's glad her hair finally matches her eyebrows. I just think they both look cute, but it sure makes it hard to tell them apart sometimes.

Cute little family ~

Look at this cute family! We went out to see Michelle and Alex on Sunday for Sydni's Blessing Day. It was such a fun day with lots of family time and lots of good food. Kymber was such a sweetheart and so much fun to be with.