Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween ~

We are getting an early start on Halloween today. Jennifer gets to dress up for work and any chance she gets to wear something other than "pizza clothes" she will take it. So here she is ready to go make Jack-o-lantern pizzas at Papa Murphy's today.

She did take the "pizza shoes" because I don't think she could work all day in these.
It is fun to have a dog that likes to play dress up. Cassidy did not! But Candie is pretty patient with being a little witch. She is learning how to sit and pose. Yes, we have been through a lot of bacon treats.
Tonight I will get pictures of Kristine in her Bee costume before her party and then we are off to Michelle and Alex's to baby sit Kymber during their family costume party. The little kids party is early and then the grandkids go to baby sitters and the adults get to party. It is still up in the air as to who will be Fred and who will be Wilma. Guess you'll have to wait for pictures tomorrow to find out.

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