Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two days later ~

Well, we have had little Candie for just two days and look what I found this afternoon. It looks like Cassidy likes her new friend. When the girls got home from school today Candie came to welcome them with her bass howl. They should sound good together, because Cassidy has more of a tenor howl. I took them to run errands with me this morning. They loved it. Cassidy got the front window seat and Candie stood on the back seat with her paws on the middle arm rest. She would just stand there and look out the window or lay her head on my shoulder as I was driving. I remember our old Basset Hound Sundance laying his head on my Dad's shoulder when he would get to go for a ride with us in the old Buick. Fun memories.

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MacKenzie said...

It's have the cutest dogs ever!