Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's a Birthday Party ~

We had so much fun with our family all together tonight. Tuesday is Brad's birthday and we were able to get all of us together for Sunday dinner, cake, pumpkin carving and playing games. Kymber finished her bowl of potatoes and then went around the table borrowing spoons to help the rest of us finish dinner. This little girl is the center of attention when we get together. She is so much fun. Brad brought a friend from school so we had a big group. Here are a few pictures:


Nulphs said...

looks like lots of fun! Kymber is so cute, and getting so big! i haven't seen pics of her for a while! i need your email if you would like an invite to my blog, it is private now.

Nulphs said...

never mind, i found your email, so i will invite you!