Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Puppy Pictures ~

Yes, I have more pictures of the dogs today. Come December I will have lots of cute baby pictures, but for now, the dogs are taking center stage. We took "the girls" to the mountains yesterday for a bike ride. They loved the drive up, heads out the windows with ears and cheeks flapping in the wind. Lots of fun. After we dropped Rod off we went and took an hour long hike. I kept both of them on leashes this week. There were pit bulls in the first parking lot. Cassidy jumped out the window of the TrailBlazer to go get them. But Rod stopped her before she got too far. Further down the road they were herding cattle, and since it was such a beauatiful day, there were a lot of motor bikers. I didn't want to have one of them running off and getting lost. So here is the view I had for most of the hike. They did really well and had a great time. When we were at the pick up spot after our hike, there was a Blue Jay that was chattering at the the dogs. They were looking so hard trying to find it and couldn't do anything but howl at it. When Rod got back "the girls" started howling at him. Cassidy knew who it was but Candie just thought it was a stranger. Once he took off his bike helmet she recognized him and was glad to see him. I hope the weather stays nice and we can get another day at the mountains.
Candie got to meet the rest of the family on Friday night. Kymber was over whelmed when she first got here and they were both wanting to see her, but after she had been here awhile she knew how to handle them. When they try to give her "kisses" she just brushes them away and then will sit down to pet them. It took Candie a while to warm up to Brad, but after a few bacon treats he was her friend and she slept on his lap while we watched a movie. Michelle isn't the biggest dog fan, but says it's hard to be mean to Candie because she is so sweet.

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