Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a fun day ~

One thing I love about having a Fall Birthday is the scenery is just about perfect. Yesterday was my birthday and it turned out to be one of those perfect days. Rod and I took DeeDee and the bike up to the canyon again. After we got to our pick up Rod spot, DeeDee and I went on a walk along the river and took pictures. Days just don't get better than this.

On the way home Michelle called and she was able to get the other kids schedules coordinated for us to have a birthday dinner together. Michelle's birthday is today. And I share my birthday with my Mom too! I have always loved having someone to celebrate with. Rod cleaned the kitchen before I started doing the Fajitas and then he surprised me with a vase of red roses while the kids finished work and drove home. I opted for Cheeesecake and KeyLime Pie instead of a regular cake and then there was a rousing version of "Happy Birthday". Brad sang me a traditional Mexican Birthday song in Spanish.
So after a beautiful Fall day trip, a good dinner with family and kisses from my sweet Kymber I'd say it was a pretty good day.
I even got to open my new pink Zutter Binditall v 2.0.
Wish you could have been here too Mom. It was a beautiful day.

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Grandma Sandy's Blog said...

Happy Late Birthday Wishes Wendy, I lost your blog for a while but I refound you. Your pictures are so pretty.