Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My spoiled Basset Hound ~

I realized I haven't put up any pictures lately of my sweet Basset Hound Cassidy. We went to the mountains last Friday and while Rod was mountain biking we went for a walk. She loves exploring off the trails. And she will stop and wait for me if I get too far behind. It was such a pretty day, there were even Huckleberries on bushes along the trail. I was wishing I had my picking crew, but it was a school day so they couldn't come. The last picture is sweet DeeDee with my son. He didn't get to meet her until she was all ready 2 years old and they really hit it off. I don't know why I worried about that. She loves everybody. She especially loves when he comes home to visit. Yes, she is pretty spoiled.

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