Monday, March 8, 2010

Totally Random Post ~

Well maybe this post isn't totally random, the pictures all have a common theme.  They are all about our grand daughters. We love it when they come to town.  Our regular routine gets thrown out the window and we just take time to enjoy them.  Saturday it was warm enough, (ok it got up to 39', but that is warm here) for Rod to get some trim painted and Kymber got to "help" a little bit.  Sydni wanted to help too and was headed outside barefoot to play in the gutter. Her Mom quickly got her redirected inside to help us. Isn't she a cutie with her little blond pigtails.
Michelle and I worked on centerpieces for a Relief Society Dinner Thursday night.  I'll get a picture of them to share.  They are pretty cute.
This picture of little Sydni is from a week or so ago. She is such a BUSY little girl and this grandma was so glad she slowed down enough to fall asleep. When they come over their favorite thing to do is play with Gus. And he loves it.  As long as they stand up and are taller than he is they get along just great. He puts up with everything they dish out and comes back for more. Kymber is basicly the boss, she puts him in his kennel when she is done playing with him and she will randomly decide when he needs to go to the backyard and bosses him around until he gets there.  If talking doesn't work, she gets ahold of his collar and pulls him to the door and pushes his little fanny outside. Of course she makes sure he gets plenty of dog treats so all is good.

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Ardith Haws said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing your pics of these little beauties.