Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pictures from the weekend ~

We had a little bit of company this weekend. Leslie and her boys were here on their way to college visits for Spring Break.  Gus loved the boys and didn't seem to mind Kevin playing with his ears. There was lots of basketball watching, eating, piano playing. (Yes he was playing a real song laying on his back at the piano.) These boys are amazing pianists. It was a real treat to listen to them. I think Gus misses them. I should have gotten a picture of the kids standing up, but then Gus would have been too short to get in the picture.

I got to spend Saturday morning at a Dog Breeding Seminar.  It was so interesting and kind of fun to be learning something. I think sometime down the road we will start the Bridge Creek Basset Hound Kennel. It won't be a big thing, but something fun do enjoy as a family. Bassets Hounds are such fun family pets.