Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kitchen Remodel Continued ~

I missed posting the pictures of last weeks kitchen remodel project. I didn't think everyone would want to see my cupboards without the doors on them. The doors have been spread out on the counter and the table getting their face lift. And, now some of them are back up. Yeah!! No more messy cupboards to look at. Here is a peek at what it looks like now. This weekend we will get knobs for the doors. We have been looking at fancy new range hoods so the big blank spot will get filled in soon. Then the next step is the countertop.

In case you were wondering, yes, we are having a party at my house on the 10th of April. It will be a celebrate the end of the semester at BYU-I, family Fajita Party. Two of my kids are there and five nieces and nephews. One of the girls will be graduating and my sister's family will be here too. Should be lots of fun! I wish the rest of you could join us.

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sandy said...

wow Wendy it is looking good. Did you repaint your cupboards.