Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Treasures from Grandma ~

I have several things in my home that I got from my Grandmas. There is the hymn book from Grandma Verda Andrus Wakeman that sits out on my piano. There are the antique tables that I remember seeing in my Grandma Frances Carter Yost's house that I now enjoy in my own living room. Some of them were even made by my Great Grandpa Carter. And there is the old, old copy of the Book of Mormon that I got from my Great Aunt Thelma. I love these treasures. They are a daily reminder of these special people that are now gone. This past week my Mother-in-law Jenene Harris Peatross passed away. We were able to gather together with many family members and pay tribute to her, and remember the many good things she had done in her life. Along with her passing was the passing down of family treasures. I was able to bring home a treasure that me and my girls will treasure along with these other grandma treasures.
This is her set of Pink Castle China. (Yes, that is the pattern name, it is amazing what you can find on google. They are from the 1930's.) The story gets even better. This set of dishes that I got from my Mother-in-law came from her Mother-in-law Lydia Remington Peatross, who got them from her Mother-in-law Lily Asbury Wright Peatross. The last time we visited Jenene down in Fairview, she was telling us that William and Lily Peatross were quite well to do back east and wanted to send something nice to their daughter-in-law out in Utah. So that is the story of these dishes that have been handed down through four generations of Peatross women. Yes, they are a treasure, one that I am happy to add to my other Grandma treasures.


Ardith Haws said...

Awesome! The dishes are beautiful, as is your tribute to these great ladies. Thanks!

Cindy said...

There's no family heirloom better than special keepsakes from Grandmas! Your dishes are really beautiful...I love the pattern and the stories that go with them.