Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break ~

It came and went way too fast, but we enjoyed every little warm minute of it. 

Rod, Kristine and I got away for a few days last week to try and find the sun. We started off with a visit to Shepherd's Bush in Ogden.  Well, I stopped in to shop and they both stayed in the car. It was so much fun to see things in real life and not just pictures on a website. I did do a little shopping too, and added to my list of things to stitch. Next was a stop at the Gateway Mall in SLC. We stopped for lunch first and were surprised to see Kristine's friend and her family walking by outside the restaurant. It is either a small world, or everyone else is trying to find the sun this week too. Then Kristine and I headed off shopping while Rod went to find the nearest bookstore. Luckily there is a Barnes & Noble there. We found the Lucky Brand store, Anthropologie, the Boheme Boutique, PacSun, Build a Bear and then we found Rod at the bookstore. Here is Kristine with proof that we found all of the stores.
Then we drove on down to Fairview to visit Rod's Mom. It was fun to spend the night and get to visit with her. We watched the Young Women's Broadcast with Kristine too. It's fun to have a young woman in our family and fun to share this with her.
Jenene had this picture of her and Max, which I loved and had to get a copy of.  Rod's Dad passed away in November 2009 so we are all missing him.

 The next morning of our Spring Break we woke up to snow. Which is typical for spring trips to Fairview, About an hour down the road, the snow was gone and we got to see the sun. We stopped in Cedar City and took a little tour of old homes, and schools and showed Kristine just how far I used to have to walk to school. It was kind of fun to stop and eat at the Burger King that was built where our old house used to be. That afternoon we found St. George, Utah, and capri's and sandals that we haven't seen in months.

The next morning we took the bike and headed to find the Mountain Bike Trails. This is what we found. Evidently this spot is popular with the Biggest Loser Resort hikers too.

Rod takes my iPhone on the trails because I have this neat trail app, so he was taking pictures with it and Kristine and I had my new camera to take pictures while we hiked. 

The trail we found the next day was one of Rod's favorites, but I don't have pictures, because it was a drop him off and try and find the trailhead at the end of the trail. Remember that he takes my iPhone and its neat app so I am doing this without my GPS. I did have a good navigator and we found it just fine. The last part of this trail was like a roller coaster for bikes, so Rod had to go ride the last part again. He had a blast, but it sounds a little scary for me who is lucky to make it around the block on a bike.

Now it wouldn't be spring break without pool pictures. And we have plenty of those.

We lounged, read, took pictures, stitched and texted but mostly we enjoyed being warm. If you were wondering about Gus, he got to spend the week in the kennel with the nice people at the Sunnyside Vet people.


Julie Harward said...

Hi, thanks for your visit..that motel you stayed at in St. George is the same one we have stayed at for years as we go there. I live about 3 hours north of there. Come say hi any time :D

*MiChElLe KiNg* said...

I think next time you should take me with you! Looks like you guys had fun!