Thursday, February 17, 2011

Future Dog Trainers ~

Yesterday I had a visit from two sweet little girls, and their parents too. Kymber had a dentist visit so Sydni and her dad played at our house awhile. They were so excited to get to see Gus too. These tiny little girls can get him to do whatever they want. He obediently goes to the kennel, or the backyard when they want him to. It is really fun to watch them wrap their little arms around his middle or his big neck and try to get him to move. And the funny thing is, it works! Of course they know where his treats are and he gets double treats when both of them are here. He really is a sweet dog and is so patient with them. Yes, he it totally spoiled, but look at that face. You'd have him spoiled rotten too.
 Look at these cute little pictures of Kaden that Jen took the other night. He is such a happy little boy!

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sandy said...

Kaden has beautiful eyes and Gus he is Cute