Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's amazing what you find ~

While Rod was on his trip this past week, I went on a cleaning/dejunking spree in my craft room. I can't say that I found anything new, because I know all of the treasures that I've stowed away. So I guess I refound things that I had forgotten about. On a huge shelf in the corner, organized neatly in cute pink storage tubs, I rediscovered my cross stitch supplies. It has been more than five years since I've had a stitching project out to work on, so it was so much fun to go through all of the fun fabrics, (I love stitching on linen, mostly small 28 or 32 count fabrics. There are even some 40 count extremely tiny stitched projects), and the gorgeous threads (My kids said they had forgotten how much of this "stuff" I actually had. I think that is a good thing. I have cotton threads dyed in so many gorgeous colors, I used to love to stitch with silk threads, especially Silk 'N Colors from The Thread Gatherer.  It will take awhile to get a collection of them, but they are my most favorite.) and fun patterns and kits from my favorite designers. I have quite a collection so it was probably good that Rod was gone and I could just enjoy the afternoon and not worry about getting dinner. I found a few projects that I pulled out to work on that evening, and a few more lined up for later. Since that first night, I have actually finished a couple of projects and totally rekindled my passion for needlework.

More that just the great supplies you get to work with when you stitch is the time spent stitching. It is such a treat to sit alone with just your thoughts for company. Somehow problems and stresses just seem to go away or are forgotten for awhile. Which is a real treat when life gets so hectic. So if you need me for anything, you just might find me sitting in my favorite chair, under my ott light, with my favorite needle, my hand dyed threads, beautiful fabrics, and a cute scissor fob.