Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year ~

I hope all of you have had fun New Years Celebrations with your friends and family. We celebrated with Pepperoni Pizza and Root Beer, which Kymber thinks is a perfect party. It was fun to be together. Jen and Trever joined us for dinner and games before they got on their way to another party. (they brought their dogs too, watch for another post with pictures of them) Jen spent 11 hours making Pizza for other peoples parties and was exhausted. The little girls and all of the dogs made it quite lively here for a while. Before they went shopping this morning, I got the girls to sit still for pictures.

Kymber loves Gus. Here are a few funny pictures of her trying to hold him.

So now the little girls are headed home, Kristine is off with friends and Gus is playing with his toys in front of the fire. Life is pretty much back to normal.

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