Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First drive to the canyon ~

Saturday, Rod and I took a drive up to Kelly Canyon to check out if the trails are ready for a bike ride. Well, there were still snow drifts on the roads, so it doesn't look like we can hit the trails for a couple more weeks. The dogs got to go with us and they loved it. Candie loves to stand with half her body out the window and her ears blowing in the wind. Not very safe for a top heavy dog, but if I hold onto her collar I will let her do it. She is fearless and not bothered by passing cars at all. It was so much fun to get out. I did get a few good pictures of tCandie and Cassidy together. Not easy to do, but Rod was there to help.

Aren't they cute!?! Well if you are a Basset Hound lover you will understand, I don't expect the rest of you to get it. Today is Candie's birthday. She is three years old. Extra dog biscuits for her!

Back from a little Spring Break ~

I'm back! It has just been a couple of weeks since I last posted, but so much has gone on. Rod had a business trip to Las Vegas and Kristine and I got to go with him. It felt so good to be warm. And it felt good to get back to our cool Idaho evenings too. Here are a few pictures:

Oh, and I was wondering if tulips were old news or if I should go take pictures of my tulips. They are finally blooming and really look good this year. You all probably have long past the tulip season, but we are enjoying it.