Saturday, September 12, 2009

Catching Up ~

We have had a whirlwind end of the summer. Kristine got started into school. 9th grade this year. It is nice to still have someone at home with a routine. I can't keep track of Jennifer and Brad and their schedules, but Kristine's schedule is normal and easy to follow.

We went to Grays Lake for a family reunion. Not many people know where that is, but if you drive SE from Idaho Falls through Bone, you end up in Grays Lake where my Dad and his sister Sandra grew up. Lots of fun family history. We have really enjoyed reading the book that Aunt Sandra put together. I like having the stories all in one place. We got to stay in a Sheep Camp at Mosquito Ranch. It is up Bridge Creek, where the family ranch was. There was even a herd of sheep going down the road at 5:30 one morning, so we got the real experience. One of the highlights of the weekend was the Dinner and Rodeo. It was so fun to see little Kymber enjoying the rodeo. Ok, most of the pictures have her in them, but she had fun making the rounds and seeing everyone. Sydni had a little nap on Michelle's lap and then woke up to enjoy watching the cowboys and horses. We all got dressed up and went to church at the Grays Lake ward on Sunday morning. It was great to feel so welcome there.

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