Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy July!

Yikes! has it really been 6 weeks since I've posted anything. It has truly been a busy summer. Kristine and I have had a great time hanging out and working on projects during the day. We have done Vinyl tiles for Relief Society, Handouts for a Visiting Teaching thing and we are in the middle of 150 charm keychains for Stake Girls Camp. We have really made a lot of progress on the kitchen project. The cupboards are painted and glazed, have new knobs and we've added crown moulding to the cupboards. This past weekend we replaced the old countertop base with new 3/4 inch plywood and cement board. The kitchen sink is gone and the new one is waiting in the garage. We have wood trim put on the cupboard edges and got that stained. Here are a couple of pictures. Right now we have the granite tile layed out out and cut to size. Rod should be able to take another day off this week so we can get it finished.

Look at this amazing pot rack we found. We are still waiting for a range hood and then we can figure out how we want to do the floor.

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