Sunday, January 18, 2009

Moving Day ~

Yesterday was a big moving day. Since Jen moved off to College, Kristine got to go down and take over her room in the basement. Since a little flooding problem a couple of months ago we just left Jen with a cement floor and rugs because we knew she would be moving out soon. Kristine plans on staying here a few more years, she is only 13, so we needed to put carpet down. The nice carpet that was in the living room before we did the wood floor has been rolled up in the garage, so the plan was to use that and recarpet the room. First we moved all of Jen's leftover, but still good, don't give away stuff up to the family room. Then we, actually Rod and Brad moved the huge roll of carpet down and we wrestled with it for a while and figured out how it would fit best. Rod did an amazing job. I was just thinking fold under edges or whatever, but Rod did a professional looking wall to wall carpet job. It looks great. We then had to move Kristine's stuff down three sets of stairs, and Jen's stuff up the last two sets of stairs. The upstairs room will be a real guest room. Yes, it will have Jen's stuff in half of the closet, but it will be a guest room. The room is light pink and the bed set is cute brown, pink, green and white large flowers. There is a matching clock, lamp, chair and rug. Really a cute room. I added a new pink and brown flower Scentsy warmer and it is almost done. Kristine is getting her new room all set up, it is painted a nice yellow color and looks great with her new teal polka dot bedset. I was totally worn out when we finally stopped.

In the middle of the day, the mailman delivered my NEW Stampin' Up! catalog. It was so hard to set it aside and finish the moving. But when it was time to sit down, I was glad to have something to look at, at least until I fell asleep from being totally exhausted. The new catalog officially comes out on Monday, so I will show you a couple of my favorite things from the catalog then.

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