Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just so you know ~

Just wanted you to know that my craft room is torn up and getting a new wood floor. It will be wonderful when it is done, but in the mean time I miss my space. Well, I get to see all of my stuff since it is spread out between Kristine's bedroom, my walk in closet (which you can't walk in any more), and there are piles on both sides of my room and at the bottom of the bed. While we were moving everything, Rod kept saying, "You sure have a lot of stuff", over and over. Yeah, I don't think he knew what was in there, but I think things will go pretty fast getting it done. And I will have time this week to go through things and get rid of, or figure out how to store them better. "The girls", (Cassidy and Candie) were such good helpers. While I was pulling up staples and nails they were right there on my lap trying to help. This is when I am so glad that they are 35 pounds a piece and not the 50 to 60 pounds that some Basset Hounds get to be.

Here are a couple of cute pictures from this past week.

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