Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Back ~

We just got back from a fun family reunion in Park City, Utah. My husband's family all got together for a couple of days at a lodge right next to the Olympic Ski Jump Park. There were a few of the grandkids that couldn't get away from summer jobs, but there were plenty of family there that we haven't seen in a while. Thanks for all of the fun. I'll get the cookie recipe up this weekend. I have so much housework and laundry to get to today. Rod works 4 day weeks, so Friday starts the weekend and we have another bike trip planned. Here are a couple photos from our walk around Park City. Kymber giggled every time her Grandpa carried her up a flight of stairs. It was so much fun having her and Michelle come with us. We went to the outlet mall after this and I think we have Kristine almost ready for back to school. It is so fun to shop with her. Everything she tries on looks just adorable. I don't know if 8th grade girls are going for "adorable" but that's what Mom thinks.

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