Friday, July 18, 2008

Bike Ride ~

Today was bike ride day. We loaded up the bike, the daughter and the dog. We stopped and got gas and bought a picnic, then after we went back to the house to get the bike shoes we were off. It was a beautiful day up at Kelly Canyon. Kristine and I dropped Rod off and then we drove down along the snake river so we could be at the end of the trail he would be taking.

It was a beautiful drive! We parked at the end of the Wolverine Creek trail and went for a short hike. For some reason Kristine was wearing flip-flops so we didn't get very far before she wanted to turn around. Here is the little waterfall where the creek flows into the snake river.

(She does have a good reason, her tennis shoes were still wet from going Canoeing at Girls Camp this week.) While we were hiking we saw four Eagles soaring above the cliffs along the river. It was kind of hard to get a picture of them, but Kristine tried and this is what she got.Cassidy was so glad to get back to the creek for a drink. Hiking is hard work for a short dog and she is always running up ahead and then having to come back and check on how fast we are coming. She will do her typical Basset Hound howl when she sees anyone coming. I'm sure the fishermen love that. Did you see her new pink collar? This is what she got after we went biking last time. Read this post for details. This week we just had to deal with dirt and mud. Such a treat after that last ordeal.
This last picture is how Cassidy helped Kristine get ready for Girls Camp on Monday. She is such a good girl. I was glad that she wasn't under foot in the kitchen though. We were busy making 24 pounds of Chicken Fajitas to send up for dinner the first night of camp. Enjoy your weekend,

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