Monday, April 21, 2014

Aro & Company photo shoot

Kristine came home for the weekend and we got to have a fun photo shoot with new things that just came from Aro & Company. She is such a great model, and so fun to take pictures of. And she looks so cute in the clothes too. 

All of her clothes are available at For a 10% discount use the code FROMTHEHEART10.

She loved these boyfriend jeans. I like how she paired them with the button up shirt and cardigan. This cardigan is from Dillard's, but Aro does have cute ones that would work just as well. And the necklace finishes the look perfectly. 
These sandals are her new favorite! Here she is wearing them with the cute navy floral skirt and picnic tee. She has the necklace on with this outfit too. The skirt has pockets!! Perfect for keys and a phone.
This Celfie graphic tee is a fun one. Here she is wearing it with the peach slouch Cardi. Love the loose fit. It is a one size fits all. Actually the cardigan is mine. She wanted to take it back to college, but I love it too. 

Thanks for the fun Kristine! You will look so cute on campus with all of your fun new clothes!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Aro & Co.

I got a box of fun new things in the mail today from Aro & Co. There was this cute Countryside Embroidered Tank, The Picnic Tee - White (center and right), South of France Peach Slouch Cardi, Charlotte Lace Infinity Scarf - Coral, and Double Strap Resort Sandals. These cute things and more are available at  Use the code FROMTHEHEART10 for 10% off any order. There is a link in the right column of my blog.  (In case you were wondering, lovely model was compensated for her modeling.)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Quilt ~

I found another quilt picture to share. This is the quilt I made for Kaden when he was born. Love the fun animal print on the back.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Quilt Day ~

I was looking through a few old pictures today and found pictures of some of the quilts I've made.  So figured a blog post was a good place to get them all together.
 This lap quilt was originally made for my Grandma Verda Mae Andrus Wakeman. After she passed away I got it and two years ago when little Alexis Autumn King was born  on February 22, 101 years to the day  after grandma was born I wrote the story on the back and gave it to her.

This was Sydni Aspen King's baby quilt.

 This was originally made for Jenene Harris Peatross and now will be passed on to little Baby Girl Howell.